Not only is the work created by O2 Design (formerly oslund.and.assoc.) inspired, it turns the term ‘Landscape Architecture’ into a misnomer. What they do is identify, share, and glue form into space. They pay attention to those things most people don’t see but are things that improve our experience of how we encounter our world.

Don McNeil
Curator of Art, General Mills Corporation


About Us

O2 Design (formerly oslund.and.assoc.) specializes in landscape architecture, master planning and environmental design. Our success has been guided by extraordinary clients, inspired partners, a talented staff, and an unwavering passion for design.

At O2 Design, the idea of shaping a landscape has entailed not only providing a place for social, physical, and intellectual interaction, but it’s also about sculpting open space into an artful form that acts as a breath within its given context.  We feel that through design there exists a possibility of discovery which comes from gracefully combining an attuned observation of contextual considerations, cultural understanding, and economic realities within a deliberate programmatic focus. This is the basis for all creative expression and the cornerstone of our practice. It could be said that the creative expression present in places we create resonates more strongly with art than with the traditional ideologies of landscape architecture.  But for us, there has never been a distinction. We consciously practice landscape architecture as an art form. The creation of simple, artistic and profoundly beautiful spaces is a very complex process. It is more than graphic patterns; rather it’s about creating simplicity through spatial means.